Website Objectives


Nowadays, everyday living is becoming more complex at an alarming rate and there are more questions than ever that need answering. However, despite the abundance of information that is now readily available, it seems like it's often harder than ever to find simple answers to these questions. I am very familiar with the frustration that this brings: I usually experience it when I'm trying to do something new on my computer. Generally, the solution is straight-forward, but sometimes there's just no one to ask. For the topic of exercise, health and fitness, information abounds and everywhere you look, new products and theories purported to be the latest, greatest thing are bandied about. Consequently, confusion reigns supreme and direct answers are hard to find.

Information dissemination in the area of exercise, health and fitness is also challenging because the subject being dealt with is the person's body, a very intimate topic for an individual. As a result, it's important for the inquisitor to not only receive an answer, but also an explanation of why such is the case. I often say that it's a sad commentary, but most people know more about how their car operates than they do about how their body functions. Since numerous theories exist and what's right for one person is not always the best course of action for everyone, understanding something about how your body works is important.

Answers to exercise/fitness-related questions should be supported by research findings and accompanied with explanations. However, overly extensive, fact-laden ones that only serve to confuse the issue defeat the purpose. Information is only useful if it is delivered in a fashion in which it can be used; otherwise, it's no better than not knowing at all.

In an effort to disseminate relevant research-based information in a useful manner, monthly articles that deal with a variety of topics concerning exercise, health and fitness will be posted on this site. In addition, I will use this as a forum to answer specific questions that I'm asked, either through this site or during my interaction with people throughout the day. To answer such questions in a public forum provides a number of advantages over one-on-one interaction. In addition to answering an individual's question, it provides an answer for everyone else who might have had a similar question (it is often quite common to be asked the same questions over and over in this field). It also presents the answer for people who never thought about the question but, upon hearing it, realize that it's of relevance to their particular situation. Finally, to those who thought they knew the answer to the question but were misinformed, it at least provides some "food for thought."

My 20-year career as a competitive bodybuilder and 15 years of experience as a personal trainer have given me quite a bit of practical knowledge about exercise. My Ph.D. in exercise physiology supports this practical knowledge with a theoretical base. Add in what I learned working as an Exercise Physiologist at a Physical Therapy facility for seven years and I believe I have a unique perspective at providing information on a variety of fitness-related topics. And rest assured, much like you would not want your physician prescribing you a drug that has not been proven effective and/or safe by objective research findings, I will not answer your questions with opinions that have not withstood the scrutiny of the scientific model.

Through my efforts on this website, my objective is to educate people in the areas of exercise, health and fitness. In the process, I hope to give people a place to turn when that frustrating why-can't-I-just-get-a-simple-answer-to-this-question situation arises. In addition to providing useful, relevant information, I hope to give people the tools they'll need to make the most of their efforts as they pursue their exercise, health and fitness goals.

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