What can I do to get rid of this excess fat (man points to his "love-handles" at the sides of his abdomen, woman points to her hips)?

Fat reduction cannot be achieved in a spot-specific fashion. There is no way to affect which adipose stores will be accessed when you’re reducing your body fat. All you can do is expend more energy than you ingest, which necessitates the liberation of fat from existing stores to make up the difference. Your genetic proclivity for fat storage will dictate where you’re more likely to carry fat and which stores will be used first. The places mentioned above are often the last areas to be affected. While high-intensity resistance exercise can be used to spot-specifically enhance muscular development (a necessary component of a muscular, defined appearance), it will have no effect on existing fat stores. The emphasis for reduction, therefore, should be on the maintenance of a negative energy balance (predominantly by maximizing expenditure) to decrease overall body fat to a level at which the problem areas will be reduced. The key component when taking this approach is aerobic exercise, which results in significant energy usage.


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