Which aerobic exercises are the best for losing body fat?

First and foremost, the best exercise to do is always the one you enjoy and that you can do in a safe fashion. If I told you that jogging was the most effective aerobic activity, but you hated running and you frequently injured yourself when you tried, then it would not be the best one for you. That having been said, since fat loss requires establishing a negative energy balance, the most effective aerobic activities for losing body-fat are the ones that allow you to burn the highest number of calories per minute given your level of conditioning. Since calorie burn during aerobic exercise is proportionate to how much oxygen you consume, exercises that allow you to consume the most oxygen at the lowest perception of exertion (how taxing it feels to you) should be stressed when fat loss is the goal. Just like a specific job is less difficult if you have more workers contributing to the task, consuming a given amount of oxygen is easier if more muscles are involved. It is less challenging, therefore, to burn a given amount of calories per minute jogging than it would be riding a stationary bike. What’s more, difficulty will be further reduced if all of the workers are working at about the same level of exertion, as opposed to some working harder than others. In keeping with this fact, you'll probably find it easier to consume a given amount of oxygen jogging on a flat surface at a particular speed than it would be jogging at a slower pace on an incline. This is because the incline would skew the effort toward the lower body and increase the perception of exertion disproportionately. However, there might also be an increased risk of impact-related injury at higher speeds so that is something that must also be taken into account. So, jogging is probably the best activity for burning the most calories at the lowest perception of exertion; however, it is also one of the worst activities when considering injury risk. Performing exercises that are similar, but of a low-impact nature, would be more prudent if jogging was not feasible. I believe one of the best aerobic exercises for offering the advantages of jogging with little of the injury-related concerns is the Nordic Track ski machine.


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